I was over you till I saw your face

Love Letter

My dear ...

Who would have ever thought that I would turn around and see you there? I went to the ends of the world running away from you. You were truly the last person I’d ever expected to see today.

I had left behind all those things that would remind me of you. I had found new reasons to let go. And now here, in a crowd of strangers, standing before me, I see your face. At that moment I knew that I can no longer deny how my heart still leaps at the very sight of you.

I should be over you...I’ve tried so hard. I thought I was safe at last. And now, in an instant, it has all come back to me, the memories, the dreams we dreamed together. Here I am smiling, in spite of myself. I really do need to smile today, for I know that tonight will be a long night.

Forever in my heart,