Request Reversal of Late Fee

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Reference Name – Account #)__

I am writing to you to request the reversal of the __($amount)__, which represents a late fee that has been applied to the above mentioned account. According to __(our/my)__ records, all payments on this account have been made in a timely manner. Therefore, I request that this late fee be __(refunded/removed/etc)__ as quickly as possible. Please refer to the schedule of payments below:

Invoice/Statement date: Payment Issued Amount

__(date)__ __(date)__ __($amount)__

__(date)__ __(date)__ __($amount)__

__(date)__ __(date)__ __($amount)__

It is questionable how your accounting department determined that a late fee was justified on this account, but I can assure you that it was applied in error. Please check into this matter and reverse the said fee as quickly as possible. I look forward to hearing from you soon to confirm that this matter has been resolved.

Yours truly,