Request to Waive Bank Fees

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Account __(Name and #)__

Please allow me to bring to your attention a situation that recently occurred on __(my/our)__ __(type)__ of account. I ask that you check into this matter and resolve it as quickly possible. On __(date)__, there was a deposit of __($amount)__ made to __(my/our)__ account. __(Name of bank)__ withdrew __($amount)__ from this account on __(date)__, for __(type)__ payment. This amount was cleared without hindrance. To my dismay, I later learned that there has been a bank fee of __($amount)__ charged to __(my/our)__ account for this withdrawal transaction. When I inquired into details of this “fee,” I was informed that the reason for it is because there is a __(#day)__ hold my account on all deposits.

Let me first request that this “hold on deposits” provision be removed from my account immediately. __(I/We)__ have been banking with __(name of bank)__ for __(#)__ __(months/years/etc.)__ and do not believe that __(our/my)__ banking history warrants this type of stipulation on __(my/our)__ account. Nor do I recall ever authorizing this type of condition be placed on __(my/our)__ account. Secondly, I request that the __($amount)__ fee that was charged to my account as a result of this provision, be immediately reversed. The __(type)__ of payment did, in fact, clear my account as expected, and therefore charging this fee is completely unjustified.

I thank you in advance for resolving this issue without delay and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,