Pre-Approval for Credit Card

Business Letter

Dear …

As one of our valued customers, we are pleased to announce that you have been pre-approved to receive a __(type/name of)__ credit card. With this credit card you will enjoy:

  1. __(List benefit - i.e. A low interest rate of …)__
  2. _(List benefit - i.e. Credit limit up to…)__
  3. __(List benefit - i.e. Triple airmiles/reward points for …)__

Simply sign and return the attached Pre-Approval form and your __(type/name of)__ credit card will be issued. Upon receipt of your signed Pre-approval form, your name will automatically be entered in a draw* to win __($amount)__.

What can be better? __(Type of benefit - i.e. Triple airmiles)__ and a chance to win __($amount)__! Don’t delay. Send in your form today.

Yours truly,

*Draw for __($amount)__ will be made at __(time)__on __(date)__. __(Describe other pertinent details of the draw that must be disclosed by law)__