Chargeback Error on Merchant Account

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: Chargeback - __(Reference Name – Account #)__

Please allow us to present our case to you in dispute of the chargeback mentioned above, charged to my account on __(date)__.

__(Name of my organization)__ offers __(type of products/services)__. Once the credit card purchase has been approved, the customer receives __(name of product/service)__, which is delivered via __(type of delivery example: courier/post mail to the shipping address provided/download onto hard drive)__. We have all the documentation supporting that this customer requested and received the product in question as included with this letter.

Outlined below is a summary detailing the events of this transaction:

  1. On __(date)__ , __(name of customer)__ purchased a __(type of product)__.
  2. One __(date)__ the product was __(delivered with proof of signature of acceptance via
  3. __name of courier__/automatically downloaded to his/her hard drive/etc)__

Apparently this customer has now disputed this charge of __($amount)__ on __(his/her)__ credit card, which has resulted in a chargeback on our account in error.

Attached are the supporting documents proving that this purchase was authorized by the customer and delivered. I trust you will check into this matter as quickly as possible and reverse this Chargeback on our account. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,