Temporarily Unable to Make Payments

Business Letter


RE: __(Loan/Account Name - Reference #)__

Please accept our apologies for failing to make payment(s) on our __(loan/account/etc.)__ with __(Name of Organization)__ for the last __(month/two months/etc.)__. Due to circumstances beyond our control recently, we experienced a temporary setback. We will, however, be back on track shortly.

Over the past __(length of time)__ we have __(briefly explain situation that caused inability to make payment(s)__. It’s been embarrassing for us to have found ourselves in this situation but rest assured, it is very temporary. We are a reputable organization and anticipate being able to resume full __(loan/monthly)__ payments again by __(date)__.

Thank you for the patience in this regard. We appreciate all you have done to aid us through this period and we will diligently work towards bringing our account current as quickly as possible.