Cannot offer Credit Purchases

Business Letter

Dear …

We acknowledge your request to extend credit to __(you or name of company)__ for the purchases you make at __(name of organization)__. Regrettably, we must decline your request at this time. Our organization is just not in a financial position to be able to temporarily fund the products that our customers purchase. Offering that kind of credit would place us in a compromising position, and that is a risk we simply cannot take.

If our ability to offer credit changes in the future, however, we will certainly make our customers aware of that. In the meantime, perhaps you can contact your bank to arrange for a loan or an operating Line of Credit for your purchases at __(name of organization)__. This may be a beneficial way of enhancing your cash flow, while at the same time allowing you to obtain the __(inventory/equipment/etc.)__ that you require.

Thank you for understanding our position in this, __(name)__. We appreciate your business and your continued support. It is our pleasure to be of service to you.