Introduce Client to Bank for Loan

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Loan/Line of Credit/etc.)__ for __(Name)__

Please allow me to introduce to you __(name)__, who is currently a client of ours. __(Name of organization name)__has been providing __(type)__ of services for __(name)__ since __(date)__. We have always found __(him/her)__ to be an upstanding individual in character and we enjoy a good business relationship with __(him/her)__.

__(He/She)__ is currently looking to secure a __(line of credit/loan/etc.)__ in the amount of __($amount)__ as a means of (releasing __(him/her)__ from tying up capital/renovating __(his/her)__ building/etc.)__. We are of the professional opinion that this is a sound decision __(name)__ is embarking on and we support __(his/her)__ efforts in this matter.

On __(his/her)__ behalf, we have __(outlined below is/attached)__ a synopsis of __(his/her)__ current financial situation. Based on this information, we hope that you will concur with us that __(he/she)__ is a good credit risk. According to our records, we can also confirm that __(Name)__ has a good reputation for making __(his/her)__ payments on time, endeavoring to stay current with all of __(his/her)__ credit.

We are asking __(name of financial institution)__ to consider offering this __(line of credit/loan/etc.)__ to __(name)__. If you are agreeable to pursuing this matter further, please contact me directly at __(phone #)__. We will be pleased to make arrangements for a meeting between the two of you.