Loan Program/Credit Line Expiring

Business Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Loan Program/Line of Credit)__ - __(Reference #)__

Please accept this letter as notification to you that your __(Line of Credit/loan/etc.)__, as mentioned above, __(matured/will be maturing/has a program change taking place)__on __(date)__. It has been our privilege to provide you with your credit needs, __(Name)__, and as our valued customer, __(Name of financial institution)__ would be pleased to offer to you __(an extension of your Line of Credit/Loan Program/our new (type) program)__. We want to ensure __(uninterrupted/continued)__ credit service to you and therefore ask for your cooperation in providing us with the required updated information.

Under the terms of the __(type/new (program type)__ program, we do require that you reapply for your __(line of credit/loan program/etc)__ by having you complete and sign the __(‘type’/new ‘type’)__ forms that we have in our __(office/branch)__. Please contact us at __(phone #)__ to make arrangements to complete and sign these required documents. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a __(loan/credit/etc.)__extension without having these documents in place. Your __(loan/credit line)__ account is scheduled for closure on __(date)__, unless we otherwise hear from you.

We value you as our customer, __(name)__, and hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,