Empathy & Temporary Loan Pymt Relief offered

Business Letter

Dear …

On behalf of __(name of organization)__, we wish to extend our deepest concerns to those victims who have suffered losses in the __(briefly describe what caused the loss)__. The vast destruction that lays in the wake of __(name of storm/this earthquake/etc.)__ has been very disturbing to us all. This is an incredibly difficult time for so many people and we empathize greatly with each one of them.

__(Name of organization)__ wants to be able to provide some means of relief to those who have now found themselves in a dire situation over this calamity. Therefore, we are encouraging all of our __(type of clients – example: mortgage)__ clients, who have been affected by the__(storm/fire/hurricane/tornado/flood/earthquake/etc.)__, to contact us as quickly as they are able. On a client by client basis, we will endeavor to rapidly assess each situation in determining if some form of __(type)__ assistance is available to them.

As we are aware that your __(farm/home/business/warehouse/etc.)__ was in the path of __(name of storm/the tornado/etc.)__ , we ask you to kindly contact us at __(phone #)__ to discuss your situation. __(Name of organization)__ is sincerely concerned for the victims of this terrible __(storm/fire/hurricane/tornado/flood/earthquake/etc.)__ and we hope to hear from you soon.

Yours truly,