Announce Promotion of Employee

Business Letter

To all staff:

We are pleased to announce the promotion of __(Name)__ to the position of __(type of position)__. __(Name)__ came to us __(right out of college/from…name of company/etc.)__ and has been with our organization for __(length of time)__ now. __(He/She)__ has held various positions over the years with us including that of __(list positions)__.

With __(his/her)__ __(education and)__ experience, we believe __(he/she)__ will do a splendid job in this new role. In this position, __(Name)__ will now be in charge of __(briefly describe what he/she will be in charge of)__. __(He/She)__ will be responsible for __(briefly describe what he/she will be responsible for)__.

Please join us in congratulating __(Name)__ on __(his/her)__ promotion and wishing __(him/her)__ great success in this new position.