ndustry Changes we’re Altering our Operations

Business Letter

Dear …

As some of you may know, there have been changes made to the __(type of industry/program/licensing program/etc.)__. These changes now __(allow us to…/prevent us from…/etc.)__ __(briefly explain how the changes affect your organization)__. As a result of this, we are altering the way we __(briefly explain the portion of operations that will be affected)__.

Please accept this as a formal announcement to all staff that effective __(date)__, __(Name of Organization)__ will __(be/no longer be)__ __(briefly explain what change will take place in your company’s operations)__. The implementation of this new __(company program/policy)__ is expected to proceed quite smoothly with little or no disruption to our current __(type of operation)__. We request that each of you contact __(name/your manager/etc.)__ prior to __(date)__ to obtain full details of how __(these changes/this change)__ will affect you on an individual basis.

Over the long term, we are confident that our organization will benefit by __(type of change being implemented)__ because of__(briefly explain how this will be a positive transition in your organization)__. Thank you to all for your cooperation in helping to make this an easy transition.

Yours truly,