Moved to New Facility

Business Letter

Dear ……

We are pleased to announce that __(company name)__ will be moving to a new location effective __(date)__. The old premises became to small for us sooner than we thought and we are looking forward to moving into a larger facility. Please be advised that by __(date)__, all customers’ __(contents/type of contents)__ in storage will be moved to the new facility located at: …

Street Address: __(new street address)__


Mailing Address __(new mailing address if different from above)__


__(Zip/Postal Code)__

Tel: __(number)__

Fax: __(number)__

We have designed our new facilities with our customers in mind and believe that we are now equipped to serve your needs even better. Please feel free to drop in anytime to see our new location. We would welcome a visit from you.