Moving to serve Customers better

Business Letter

Dear …

It is our pleasure to announce to you that __(company name)__ is moving to a new location on __(date)__. We are looking forward to moving into this larger __(office/ facility)__ which is located at:

Street Address: __(new street address)__


Our mailing address __(remains unchanged as: / has changed to: )__

Mailing Address: __(new mailing address if different from above)__


__(Zip/Postal Code)__

Our phone and fax numbers __(also remain unchanged as: / have changed to: )__ Phone: __(number)__ Fax: __(number)__

This new modern __(office/facility)__ was designed with our customers mind so that we may serve you even better. We invite you to drop in anytime to see our new location and we look forward to your visit.