Notification of Zoning Application

Business Letter


RE: New Zoning Application

You are hereby notified that application for new zoning has been made by __(Name of Applicant)__ in compliance with the __(Zoning/By-Law/etc.)__ Ordinance of __(Name of City)__, for the property located at: __(address of property)__.

Application proposes the following new use of the said property as follows:

__(Briefly describe proposed new use of the property)__

This case will be heard by __(Zoning Commission/By-Law Commission/etc.)__ on __(Date)__, at __(time)__ at __(Location)__. You are hereby invited to attend this hearing in person or by representation of your agent or attorney.

Please be aware that you are a recipient of this notification because, as a __(business/property owner )__ in the area, you may be affected by the decision made at the above mentioned hearing.

Yours truly,