Apology - Unforeseen Revisions to Project

Business Letter

Dear …

As you know the __(type of document)__ , from which you based your __(type of)__ purchase on, stated, "__(briefly explain what it stated)__." After that document was __(issued/signed/etc.)__ on __(date)__, however, there were revisions that had to be made to the project in order to get __(type of)__ approval. Regrettably, these revisions __(describe what was impacted – example: resulted in reducing the overall square footage of the building)__.

Unfortunately, this has directly affected you in that __(briefly describe how this has impacted the client’s interest in the project - example: your unit has now been reduced from ____sq ft to ____sq ft and been reclassified to be built as a __(type of)__ unit)__. We genuinely apologize for this unforeseen set of circumstances and hope this will not cause you undue hardship. Rest assured, __(briefly explain what will be adjusted to offset the negative impact to this client – example: the purchase price of your unit will be adjusted accordingly)__.

On a more positive note, however, __(in a couple of sentences briefly explain what you can offer to this client that is quite appealing)__. If this is of interest to you, we would be pleased to sit down with you to discuss this in more detail.

Thank you for choosing __(Name of Organization)__ for your __(type of investment)__. We appreciate your business.

Yours truly,