Appeal By-Law violation

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: APPEAL – By-Law Violation Reference __(#)__

I am writing to you to notify you of my intent to appeal the above mentioned violation that was issued to __(your name/name of company)__ on __(date)__.

I strongly believe that as a __(citizen/business owner)__ of __(city/town name)__, I taken all reasonable measures to ensure that __(waste removal/tree trimming/snow removal/etc.)__ is completed as required to prevent any violations. Enclosed you will find a copy of my service contract with __(name of company)__ showing that they are contractually responsible to maintain the __(waste removal/tree trimming/snow removal/etc.)__ at __(address)__ for __(me/name of company)__.

__(Name of maintenance company)__ is a reputable firm that has been serving __(county/city/town)__ for many years. In that regard, I believe that I chose a competent company to handle this function. Had they performed their duties as stated in the enclosed copy of the contract, the __(waste removal/tree trimming/snow removal/etc.)__ would have be taken care of on __(date of violation)__.

I believe it is unreasonable for the __(county/city/town)__ of __(name of county/city/town)__ to penalize its citizens in cases where they have done everything possible to ensure no violations of this nature occur. Therefore, I am requesting that this violation be considered for reversal. If your department wishes to proceed with this penalty, please advise me of the date and location where I may present my case for appeal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,