Co.’s declination of Licensing Appointment

Business Letter

Dear …

Re: APPEAL – Declination of Licensing Appointment __ (Name or person/Insurance Firm Name)__

I am writing to you in my appeal of your recent decision to decline the appointment of __(Name of person/ Insurance firm Name)__ with a licensing contract. It has come as a surprise to be denied this licensing appointment and I am deeply concerned about the undo financial hardship this __(will cause/is currently causing/etc.)__ to __(me/my brokerage firm/etc)__. I am at a complete loss as to why this has come to pass and ask that you please provide me with an explanation for the denial of this contract.

__(I have/Insurance firm Name has)__ been in business for __(#)__ years and __(have/has)_ taken all reasonable measures to ensure that any insurance risks submitted to __(Name of Insurance Co./all Insurance Companies)__ __(would be/is)__ considered profitable business. __(I am/All of the staff here are)__ very cognizant of providing accurate risk assessment with the submissions made to every Insurance company that __(I have/am -- we have/are)__ contracted with. In addition, __(I/we)__ have ensured that all licensing documentation has always been provided to __(my/our)__ licensing carrier in an accurate and expedient way.

As a business person, I have a proven business track record for __(type of track record that should be noted as a positive achievement - example: being able to build successful and hugely profitable businesses)__. The financial records __(I have already provided/attached/etc)__ can attest to that. Further, my integrity as a business __(owner/manager/operator)__ has never been questioned, so I really am left at odds as to why __(Name of Insurance Co)__ would feel a declination of this licensing appointment is warranted.

I ask you to kindly conduct an investigation into this declination. As __(I/my business __(is/am -- currently suffering/could soon suffer)__ a significant loss of income as a result of this, I ask you to please look into it as soon as possible and consider reversing that decision. Thank you for your quick response to this matter.