Announce Starting own business

Career Letter

Dear …

It is my pleasure to announce to you that I am opening my own __(type of business)__ in __(name of city/community)__. I feel very fortunate to have this great opportunity to open my own __(shop/store/practice/company/business)__ and I am looking forward to it with such enthusiasm!

To able to do what I love doing, while meeting so many wonderful people at the same time, has always been amazing to me! I have really enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with all of my clients over the years and I am looking forward to all those new clients I have yet to meet. It is my goal to be known as the __(type of occupation/business)__ of your choice, which is why I am so eager to provide you with that extra personal touch at my new__(shop/store/practice/company)__.

This is such an exciting moment and I just wanted you to be part of it by inviting you to the Grand Opening, which is scheduled for __(date)__ from __(time o’clock)__ to __(time o’clock)__. Please come down and join us for free coffee and donuts! My new __(shop/store/practice/company)__ is called, __(name of business/store/company)__, and is located at: __(address)__.

Please know that you are always welcome to give me a call at__(phone #)__ or just drop in at anytime to my new __(office/shop/store)__. I’d love to see you and the coffee’s always on me!