Inappropriately Blamed for Project Problems

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention a disturbing situation that I have been made aware of. Recently, I’ve learned that I am personally being blamed for the __(type of problem(s)__ that are occurring on the __(name of project)__. For obvious reasons, this comes as very shocking and distressing news to me.

In my defense, I would like to point out one very crucial fact that seems to have gone conveniently unnoticed as it relates to the project. And that is, I had absolutely no input in the initial engineering of this project. Therefore, it is both unfair and unreasonable to point the finger of blame at me for __(its inadequate design/it poor functionality/etc.)__. What is equally disconcerting to me about this, is that blame was levied against me in my absence, without allowing me the opportunity to present my defense. Naturally, I am immensely disturbed by this and, quite frankly, I’m still finding it hard to believe.

Looking for someone to blame, rather than finding a way to resolve the problem(s), in my mind’s eye, is never an appropriate form of action to take. It even becomes more distasteful when such blame is placed upon someone who is not even there to defend themselves. If this is the kind of precedent that __(Name of Organization)__ is choosing to set, I will have to seriously reconsider my position with the company. This would not be an acceptable type of environment for me to work in.

I thank you for looking into this matter and look forward to your comments.

Yours truly,