Complaint against Leader

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of __(name of department/union/etc.)__ in order to bring to light, a situation that can no longer be kept hidden. Many voices are crying out and need to be heard. I have accepted the responsibility of taking forth all their concerns.

Over the past __(#)__ of __(years/months/weeks)__, the__(name of department/union/etc.)__ has been managed by __(Name)__. We have all been suffering unbearable suppression under __(his/her)__ leadership. __(His/Her)__ (dictatorship/intimidation tactics/ruthless/etc.)__ style of management has been immensely condescending and belittling to us all and to our consternation, it has even worsened in the last __(few months/weeks/etc.)__. __(Name’s)__ conduct has adversely affected each one of us in the __(type of department/union/etc.)__, to the point where it has __(briefly explain how this is negatively effecting your team – i.e. caused a __% of turnover in staff/decreased production by __%, /prevented us from moving ahead with our project/ etc.)__. Consequently, morale in this __(type department/union/etc)__ has plummeted to an all-time low.

Of late we can’t even approach __(name)__ with any issues, because __(he/she)__ absolutely refuses to even communicate with any of__(his/her)__ employees. Ironically, this situation of ‘complete non-communication’ has immerged in spite of, or perhaps it is “to spite,” being specifically directed by __(you/(his/her) superiors/etc.)__ at the last meeting/evaluation/etc.),__ to improve communication with __(his/her)__employees. Needless to say, it has become increasingly difficult for all of us to continue working under these conditions.

In addition to this unbearable situation that we have been enduring for so long, we have recently learned that __(name)__ has __(briefly describe an event that has added to your concern over this individual)__. This has now squelched any and all remnants of confidence there may have been left with respect to _(his/her)__ ability to lead our __(department/team/etc.)__. It is very evident to me and to all those __(team/union/department)__ members that I represent, that __(manager’s name)__ is no longer capable of handling __(his/her)__ __(name of position)__ responsibilities and should be relieved of __(his/her)__ duties as quickly as reasonably possible for all concerned. In saying this, I speak for all those in the __(type department/union/etc.)__.

Respectfully yours,