Dispute over signing a Corrective Action Agreement

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Dispute of Employment Agreement dated __(date)__

In response to your attached __(memo/letter)__ entitled ‘Employment Agreement’ dated __(date)__, please allow this to be recognized as my official confutation to the points you made in your __(memo/letter)__.

I wish to take this opportunity to revisit some of the initial discussions we have had, __(name)__. Outlined below is a recap of what we have previously discussed and agreed upon, along with the actual figures and performance accomplishments of my department.

On __(date)__, you and I discussed the issue of the __(type of issue: i.e. sales performance of my department)__ . We both agreed that if I implemented __(describe functions/changes you were to implement)__ , this would bring about the desired result of __(briefly described the agreed upon result)__. Please be made aware that I did implement these __(changes/function)__ subsequent to our discussions and at this point, I would like to bring to your attention the __(type: i.e. sales)__ figures that I have put together, representing the actual __(last quarter/last month/etc.)__results.

__(list the current figures comparing them to the previous figures)__.

As you will see, there is a noted improvement over the previous figures and my department is directly on target based on our discussions and what you and I had agreed upon.

The second issue I would like to bring to your attention, is the __(type of issue: i.e. team work/morale of the department)__, that we discussed on __(date)__. Over the past __(# weeks/months/days)__, there has been a marked improvement in the __(type of issue: i.e. team work/morale of the department)__. __(briefly describe one instance of improvement)__ alone, shows that the __(team/morale/etc)__ is moving in the right direction, let alone the other things that have taken place such as __(give a couple of examples on improvement)__.

With the evidence I have presented as mentioned above, the direction and the overall performance of my department has continued to progress in a positive direction, relative to our previous discussions. That is why I am left at a loss as to why I have now received such a __(memo/letter)__ from you. I am not in agreement with the statements you have made in your __(memo/letter)__ and therefore, am not comfortable with signing it.

I do request that you review the progress my department has made over the __(# weeks/months)__ and reconsider the position you have taken in this matter.

Respectively yours,