Employee Defense against Complaint

Career Letter

Dear …

This is in response to the complaint you have received against me from __(name)__ on __(date)__. In my defense, I would now like to take this opportunity to present to you the course of events that took place on that day from my perspective.

  1. On __(date)__ I spoke to, __(name)__ to discuss __(the type of topic)__ with __(him/her)__. When I explained the issue to __(him/her)__, __(he/she)__ told me __(give brief response from that person)__.
  2. Later, after __(describe what happened next)__, I had the opportunity to speak to __(name)__ again, who then told me that __(describe what they said)__.
  3. I responded by telling __(him/her)__ that __(briefly describe response)__.

I have given this some considerable thought since that day and believe that I took all reasonable measures to resolve this situation for __(name)__. With as much thought as I have given it, I still can’t think of a way that I could have better handled this situation. Needless to say, I and am deeply disturbed that it has resulted in a formal complaint against me.

I have learned in life that there is usually more than one perspective to a story and believe that I had an obligation to myself to present the facts, concerning that day, from my own perspective. It is my request that this letter, representing my recollection of those events, be placed as a permanent record in my personnel file. I thank you in advance for remaining objective in your point of view concerning this situation and for giving me the opportunity to clear my name.