Dispute Warning Letter on Employee File

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Dispute Warning Letter on Employee File

Please accept this as written notification that I __(am/have)__ __(disputing/disputed)__ the Warning Letter that has been placed on my Employee Record)__. As discussed with __(you/Name)__ on date, the reason(s) that I did not sign the said Warning Letter is because I unequivocally __(refute/refuted)__ the allegation of __(misconduct/poor performance/etc.)__on my part.

Outlined below, is a recap of the events in question and the subsequent discussions I had with __(you/Name)__:

On __(date)__, __(briefly describe the situation and what you did)__. I have since been accused of __(briefly describe the accusation)__, when, in fact, conversely I had __(briefly describe what you did that contravenes the accusation)__. __(Here briefly present conclusions to your defense)__.

It is not prudent of me to sign a letter that not only falsely accuses me of a wrong doing, but further requires me to agree to accept an incriminating indictment in form of a Warning Letter, which threatens my employment status with __(name of organization)__. In my opinion, this __(was/is)__ a clear case of injustice in the highest degree. I do not condone coercion and “guilty until proven innocent” tactics.

Therefore, I request that this correspondence to you today, represent official written record of my confutation to the entire situation in question.

Yours truly,