Requesting Transfer/Promotion

Career Letter

Dear …

I have been with __(name of company)__ for __(#)__ years now, currently in the role of __(position type)__ in the __(name of branch/_type_ department/etc)__. This organization has treated me well over the years and I have really enjoyed working here. I do, however, feel that it is now time for me to take on more challenge as there is little growth left in for me in my current position. Hence, the reason for my letter to you today.

I want to personally make you aware of what I have set my sights on with __(name of company)__ . It is my ambition to __(briefly describe what your ultimate goal is)__. With my existing experience and education, my willingness to learn and my strong desire take on new challenges, I believe that I have what it takes to succeed in a __(type of position – i.e.

management)__ position. I’ve been working very hard towards that end since I have been with __(name of company)__ and I believe my performance levels would be a testimony to that. With this in mind, I think I would prove to be a great candidate for __(a new _type_ opening in one of our branches/the new __(type)__ position that recently became available/etc.)__. I am convinced that I could do a good job for __(name of organization)__ as a __(type of position)__. My total commitment would be focused on __(making that branch even more

successful/increasing productivity/etc.)__. You can count on me to put 200% into my work and I wouldn’t let you down, given the chance to show what I can do. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for (the _type_ position/the next time a _type_ position becomes available/etc)__.