Asking for Raise to Coincide with Promotion

Career Letter

Dear …

I have been with__(Name of Organization)__ for __(length of time)__ and I want to take this opportunity to say that I take pleasure in working for this __(company/organization)__. __(Length of time)__ ago, I was promoted to __(type of position)__, which I was thrilled about. In this new position, I have taken on greater responsibilities, some of which have been challenging to say the least. But, I am happy to say, that my determination and perseverance have paid off.

I am really am enjoying my job, though something has really begun to bother me of late. Even after __(length of time)__ of proving my abilities, dependability and dedication in this new position, my salary has still not been adjusted to coincide with my new responsibilities. I am aware that the other __(type of position – i.e. project managers)__ are currently receiving a higher rate of pay than I am and, in some cases, have less the responsibilities. For obvious reasons, this has started to negatively affect my motivation.

Over the course of my time with __(Name of Organization)__, I have enjoyed my work and welcomed all the challenges that have been presented to me. I believe that my dedication to this __(company/organization/firm)__ and my good attitude is apparent in my work ethics and accomplishments. Nobody likes to be overlooked for their contributions to the company for no apparent reason and, therefore, I believe that this must have been an oversight. However, in all fairness, I am now asking you to consider raising my salary to a level that is comparable to the other __(type of position – i.e. project managers)__ who share similar responsibilities.

I thank you for considering my request and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,