Salesperson Reporting No New Sales for the Month

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Month)__ Sales Report

It is with regret that I have to report of no new sales for myself during the month of __(Month/year)__. I’m trying to not allow that to discourage me too much and am diligently working on new leads. It is definitely slow in the marketplace right now due to __(briefly explain why)__. But I believe people have to buy __(type of product/service)__ at some point, so I stay the course.

In addition to the traditional sales techniques, in my attempt to generate new sales I’ve also been mining the existing business. The feel that I’m getting by contacting these people is what I had already suspected. People are just not willing to extend themselves with __(big ticket items/any new purchases/ etc.)__ until __(briefly explain what happens)__.

Trusting this provides you with an explanation of my __(Month)__ Sales Report and the current sales status overall.

Respectfully yours,