Request Explanation for Change in Job

Career Letter

Dear ...

I have been working with __(Name of Organization)__ for __(length of time)__ now and can honestly say that I’m proud to be associated with this organization. Over the past __(length of time)__, I have taken pride in performing the duties of __(name of position)__, which is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I’ve embraced the challenges in this role and have managed to successfully work through each of them. My job here is a rewarding one.

A situation, however, has recently occurred leaving me feeling both confused and unsettled. On __(date)__, __(briefly describe what happened – example: a memo went out that stated…..)__. There was no communication with me regarding this change prior to that __(memo/incident/etc.)__. As this directly affects my current duties with __(Name of Organization)__, you can imagine my surprise and confusion to find out about __(this change/theses changes)__ in this way.

In looking at my performance record with __(Name of Organization)__, I see that there have been only positive reviews, leaving no clues as to why __(briefly explain what has happened)__. Hence, the reason for my letter to you today. I am asking you to kindly provide me with an explanation as to why events have unfolded in this way.

__(Name of Organization)__ has, up to this point, treated me very fairly and so I remain hopeful that there is a reasonable explanation for this. Thank you for looking into this, __(Name)__. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,