Waiver of Vendor Pre-qualification Procedure

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Installation of Access Control Security System - __(Location)__

A decision has been made by __(decision maker(s)__ to install an Access Control Security System at __(location/name of branch/building)__ as quickly as possible. This new system will monitor all access to and within the premises. All personnel will be issued and required to carry with them, individual Access ID Cards in order to gain access to the premises and certain areas within. Only authorized people will be able to enter restricted areas with these Access ID Cards and unauthorized persons will no longer be able to access the building beyond the check-in point. Thereby, the safety of our employees will no longer be compromised.

As you may know, __(name of branch/division)__ has recently experienced some serious problems with the __(current level of/lack of adequate)__ security in our building. The latest security breach involved a __(briefly describe event)__. Up until now, we’ve made do with __(name/type of current system)__, however, given the seriousness nature of our recent security issues, __(upgrading our/installing a)__ security system has become a top priority.

Due to the urgency of this situation, we are requesting that the “pre-qualification tendering,” as set out in the __(type of – i.e. Capital Cost Purchasing)__ Procedures Guide, be waived as we move forward with this security system. We will obtain __(number of)__ separate quotations for the cost and installation of the security equipment and can assure you that due diligence will be used in the selection of those vendors. It is because of our dire need to get appropriate security in place as quickly as possible, that we are seeking approval from your __(department/committee/etc.)__ to waive the “vendor pre-qualification” part of the process. We thank you for understanding our unique situation and remain hopeful that you will aid us in this matter by granting our request. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully yours,