Suggestion for Offering Teams required Assistance

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing in response to your request to __(briefly describe request)__. I do not object to offering assistance to my colleagues in order to get the job done. We are, in essence, all working towards the same objectives. I do, however, believe that I may have a suggestion that will allow all teams to stay on track with their goals, while offering assistance to others where and when needed.

My suggestion is to have each team leader select a member from their respective teams on alternating days to help out the team falling behind. That way, one team will not find that they are short-staffed for any length of time while offering assistance to others. We should be able to manage this well, as long each member helping out the troubled team ensures that everything is well documented and legible, enabling the next individual to pick up where they left off with ease.

As we all are working for the same organization, I believe the answer to ensuring all goals are being met, is in pulling the group together as a whole, with each of us contributing to the overall success of this __(company/agency/etc.)__. In other words, regardless of whose team is in need of assistance, all teams should ban together willing to offer the aid of one of their own members on alternate days to that team in need. This way we can keep everything moving forward in a timely fashion without undue hardship on any one particular team. I look forward to your comments on this suggestion.