I know I found an Angel

Love Letter

My dearest ...

I know I found an Angel in you, for a love so divine cannot be found in the boundaries of this world. Only an Angel could light the flame of my life the way you do, making it shine brilliantly everyday. Your touch sends me to places that I can only describe as heaven. That’s how I know that I have truly been touched by an Angel.

Your presence is what I look forward to every moment of everyday. You are in my thoughts endlessly day and night. The sweet whispers are yours that I hear in my dreams when I drift off to sleep. You are the one my heart is filled with warm thoughts of, when I first wake in the morning. I am so enchanted with you in every way.

On Angel’s wings you flew into my life and made everything feel so perfect...like heaven on earth. Thank you for bringing part of heaven into my life, my Angel. I will love you through all eternity.

Forever and always,