Request Medical Insurance Plan

Career Letter

Dear …

I want to take this opportunity to state that __(company name)__ is a great company to work for. Not only do I personally enjoy my job here, but I also like the people I work with. I think that one of the very few things that could enhance employment for __(employees/supervisors/etc.)__ at __(Name of Company)__ would be a medical insurance program.

On that note, I want to tell you that there has recently been a lot of discussion amongst my __(team members/fellow supervisors/etc.)__ regarding the importance of carrying medical insurance these days. With the rising costs of medical care in this country, it is an issue that quickly moves to the forefront of most of__(their/our)__ discussions. The advantage of working for an employer providing a medical insurance program seems to have become the prominent topic of discussion of late.

Therefore, on behalf of all the __(employees/supervisors/etc.)__, I respectfully request that __(Name of Company)__ consider __(extending the/providing a)__ company medical insurance plan __(to/for)__ these employees. This, I believe, would create a win-win situation. These employees could rest easy knowing that they have medical insurance in place, and __(Name of Company)__ would be able to take advantage of notable employee loyalty.

Thank you for taking the time to seriously consider this request. We all remain hopeful of your decision.

Respectfully yours,