Explanation of Offence on your Record

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Application for __(Name of Position)

I am writing this letter to provide you with an explanation of the __( type of offense )__ that __(showed/will show)__ up on my __(type of)__ record.

In __(year)__, I __(was charged with/was convicted of/etc.)__ __(type of offence)__. I genuinely regret my actions back then and have paid full restitution, completing all the state requirements. Since then, realizing the seriousness of such a situation, I’ve made substantial changes in my life. I have __(briefly describe what related changes you have made)__. No longer will I ever expose myself to the potential of such a reoccurrence.

I’m asking you to kindly consider this when you review my application for the __(type of)__ position. I truly do regret that really bad decision I made that __(night/day)__ back in __(year)__ and ask you to believe me when I say I have definitely learned my lesson. It is my hope that you will consider overlooking this one-time __(offence/occurrence/etc.)__ and look at the sound qualifications I bring to the table.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. I will remain hopeful of your decision.