Your beautiful Soul

Love Letter

My beloved...

Amidst all the imperfections of a person’s soul, among all the flaws, failings, and frailties in a person’s character, there is always a facet, one piece of them that remains perfect and beautiful. And if by chance that person should be standing at the right place, at the right time where the light touches them, we get a glimpse of that perfect facet of their soul, shining brilliantly. Such a sight it is to behold, that we feel compelled to tell all what we saw.

I got a glimpse of that perfect facet of your soul...something very beautiful and very wonderful in you. And I feel compelled to tell you what I saw. I saw that you have a heart kissed by God. From those rays of light shining on you, I saw that you have a beautiful, generous and caring heart. A loving heart that reaches out to others with caring hands. And it was at that point that I realized...I am in love with an Angel.

Do you see how special you are? When you stand in front of the mirror, do you see what I see? I hope you see how precious you are. I hope you see how loved you are, how beautiful you are and how that beauty has changed part of this world. It has changed my life forever. You are beautiful in every way and I love you with all my heart.

Loving you forever,