Follow up to Invitation to Apply for Position

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Position)__

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day at __(name of place)__ . I appreciate you taking the time to tell me about __(name of organization)__ and I was especially intrigued by the __(type of department/project/etc.)__. It is clear that you run an impressive organization.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am being given an opportunity to apply for a __(type of position)__ within __(Name of organization)__. I’m very keen about the possibility of joining your team and am confident that I would do a great job. It is with great interest and enthusiasm that I wish to learn more about this position.

You had asked me to submit my resume along with my salary requirements. Prior to submitting my salary requirements, I would be grateful if you would provide me with more details about the position. On a macro level, it certainly appears that my education and practical work experience would be a good fit. Having the opportunity to first look over a job description, however, would allow me to assess that my salary expectations realistically commensurate with the qualifications required.

In keeping with that, I ask you to kindly forward a job description to me via __(fax #/email address)__. Upon receipt, I am prepared to provide a quick response. Again, thank you for extending an opportunity to me to apply for a __(type)__ position with your organization. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.