Notice to Cancel Interview

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Position of __(Type of Position)__

Please accept this as my notice to cancel our scheduled interview on __(date)__. I applied for the __(type of position)__ position with __(name of company)__ with the intent of securing immediate employment. I find it highly irregular that an organization would feel comfortable in pursuing candidates for a position that is not scheduled to commence for at least __(#)__ months. It is not common for individuals who are searching for employment to be willing to wait several months to start the position they are applying for.

In addition, through my communications so far with __(Name of Organization)__, I have encountered behavior from personnel in the Human Resources department that I find alarmingly unprofessional. The poor representation of your organization by these individuals, has caused extreme reluctance on my part to pursue my interest in employment with __(Name of Organization)__. Combined with the delay with commencement of the position, I have decided to rescind my application for employment.

Therefore, I ask you to kindly cancel the _(date)__ interview you had set up for me and withdraw my resume from your list of candidates for this position and any future openings. Thank you.

Yours truly,