My Love for you

Love Letter

My dearest ...

As I sit here thinking of you, I find it so hard to define my love for you. It seems our love goes beyond what words can truly describe. It’s like our love transports us to a new dimension where we experience the warmth it gives openly, blissfully and without reservation leaving us with a sense of glowing wholeness.

You bring such beauty to my world. I cannot express how cherished and comforting thoughts of you are to me. When I think of the lingering tingles from your touch so gentle and your kisses so tender, it leaves me breathless. When I think of you looking deeply into my eyes, my heart stirs. In my heart, there burns an eternal flame for you. You are truly the love of my life.

As we enter this new journey together I am filled with immense joy. You are so precious to me. I know I have been blessed with Angel and, to you my love, I give my heart eternal.

Forever yours,