Full-time Mom requesting Rehire

Career Letter

Dear …

Referring back to a conversation that I had with __(name)__ before my departure from your company on __(date)__, I was thrilled to have had the door left open in the event that I decided I wanted to return to my position. It was my intent to become a full time mother to my young children when I resigned my position with __(name of company)__ on __(date)__. I have since realized that I am able offer my children the care they require while still being employed.

Though I admit that I had been distracted in the last couple of months of my employment with __(name of company)__, with my mind focused on making the decision of whether I should become a full time mother or not, I really did enjoy my job in the __(type of department)__. If the truth be known, I have missed working. I really love the type of work I have chosen for my career and now that I feel comfortable that my children will be amply cared for in my absence, I am prepared to put 100% back into my work.

I am asking you to kindly consider hiring me back in my old position as __(type of position)__, allowing me to prove to you that I am the kind of employee you really do want on your team. It is my desire to give everything I have to not only meet, but to exceed the goals set out for me. I promise that you will not be disappointed with your decision to rehire me.

Please contact me at __(phone)__ to discuss this further. I look forward with anticipation to hearing from you soon.