Specialized Administration

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Type of)__ Administration position

I am applying for the __(Type of)__ Administration position you currently have open, believing that my qualifications are a good match for this position. Please find enclosed a copy of my resume for your review.

All combined, I have __(#)__ years experience in the area of Administration, with __(#)__ of those years directly associated with __(specialized type: i.e. legal)__ __(organizations/firms/institutions/etc.)__. I am able to handle high volumes of diversified office responsibilities in my job with minimal supervision. While giving significant attention to detail, I take pride in being able to meet the deadlines assigned to each of my tasks. I’m pleased to be able to say that all my previous employers have been able to confidently rely on me to complete my tasks both accurately and timely.

Over the years, I have honed my organizational skills quite well. My experience includes __(list skills you have that are pertinent to the position: i.e. - working with MS Word documents and Excel worksheets, preparation of PowerPoint presentations, appointment scheduling, and class registration)__. In addition, I have excellent interpersonal skills and phone mannerism.

With my experience, good work ethic, and excellent time management skills, I believe I can contribute significantly to your organization and I look forward to meeting with you for an interview.