Consider me when opening becomes available

Career Letter

Dear …

It was a pleasure speaking with you today regarding employment opportunities at __(Name of Organization)__. As I mentioned, I am interested in __(type of work)__ because __(briefly describe why this position interests you)__. I have dedicated my career to __(briefly describe what you have dedicated your career to)__.

Enclosed is a copy of my resume detailing my qualifications. As you will see in my resume, as a supplement to my __(type of)__ skills, I also have experience in __(type of area)__. This blend of skills I believe is a good combination for a __(type of position)__. I’m sure that my __(type of skills a/o education)__ would prove particularly useful in __(briefly describe what it would be useful for)__.

Please keep me in mind when a suitable position becomes available in your __(type of department)__. I am confident that I would make a successful addition to __(Name of organization)__.