Explanation Why Numerous Positions Held

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Position)__

I am pleased to enclose my resume in application for the above mentioned position. One of the reasons that this position is so appealing to me is because of the new challenges it presents and I’m always up for a good challenge. I believe that I would be an excellent candidate in this role based on my skills, previous experience and education as outlined in my enclosed resume.

You will note in my resume that over the period of time, __(date to date)__, it appears that I’ve held __(#)__ different positions with __(#)__ different organizations. I would like to point out that this is not what it seems. This is a situation that arose as a direct result of __(#)__ mergers that took place while I was in the employment of the same organization. It so happens that I was transferred into different positions during the merger transitions.

Two things I strongly believe in, is professionalism and loyalty. I have a strong work ethic and always try to maintain a positive attitude towards changes and growth within the organization I work for. I’m known for participating effectively in a team environment and also working well in situations where independence is required. After reviewing the job requirements for this position, I believe that I possess the credentials that you are looking for and am confident that I would be able to make a significant contribution to your __(department/company/etc.)__.

Thank you for considering me for job. I look forward to hearing from you soon.