Considerable Experience

Career Letter

Dear ...

My experience in the __(type of industry)__ industry totals __(#)__ years. Although I have extensive knowledge in most areas of this industry, my strengths lie more specifically in the __(type of area(s)__. For __(#)__ years, I have held a __(type of )__ position.

I am presently seeking employment with a progressive company wherein my talents will be stretched and challenged. Please consider the skills I can currently offer to your organization as highlighted below:

  1. __(Briefly describe skill/talent)__
  2. __(Briefly describe skill/talent)__
  3. __(Briefly describe skill/talent)__
  4. __(Briefly describe skill/talent)__

If you believe that there may be an employment opportunity within your organization relative to my experience and skills, I would welcome the chance to discuss this with you. I thank you in advance for taking the time to review my enclosed résumé and hope to hear from you soon.


__(your name )__

Encl: Résumé