Cold Call Cover Letter to Potential Employers

Career Letter

Dear …

Are interested in having a __(type of position )__ with expertise in __(type of skill)__ on your team? I specialize in __(briefly describe what you specialize in)__. In addition, I also have significant experience with __(type of system(s)/technologies)__, having worked in __(type of area(s)__. I am relocating to __(Name of city)__ and would be interested in exploring an employment opportunity with your __( company/organization/firm/etc.)__.

My background includes extensive experience with __(type of experience)__. Over the past __(length of time)__, my education and practical expertise have contributed to a number of successes in my career, some of which include:

  1. __Briefly describe accomplishment)__
  2. __Briefly describe accomplishment)__
  3. __Briefly describe accomplishment)__

The enclosed resume outlines my credentials and accomplishments in greater detail. If you are interested in a results-oriented and dedicated professional with strong credentials, then I am your person.

I will be in contact you over the next __(length of time)__ to discuss a potential meeting arrangement.