Assistant Manager - Retail position

Career Letter

Dear …

I’m applying for the Assistant Retail Manager position that has recently become available at your __(Name and location of store)__. Joining the team of a successful __(retail chain/retail outlet/organization)__, such as __(name of store/organization)__, is a goal that I have been working towards for some time. With my experience, as outlined in the enclosed résumé, I believe I could make a strong contribution to the ongoing success of your __(location)__ store. Please consider the following:

  1. I enjoy working a sales environment, as identified by my proven track record in __(type)__ sales. This gives me the ability to offer successful tips to sales clerks in training.
  2. My enthusiasm and strong interpersonal skills enable me to effectively provide coaching and motivation to staff.
  3. As an individual that pays close attention to detail, I take full responsibility to ensure whatever I am doing is done with my best foot forward.
  4. The ability to anticipate, identify and resolve problems quickly has also served me well this far in my career.

I thank you for considering me as a candidate for this position. With my qualifications and my enthusiasm for this position, I know I could do a good job for you and would welcome the chance to talk about this employment opportunity with you. Please feel free to contact me at ___phone #___ during the day or ___phone #___ evenings.


__(your name)__

Enclosure: Résumé