Project Management Consultant

Career Letter

Dear …

I am very interested in exploring the possibility of working with __(Name of Organization)__ as a Project Management Consultant. Research of your organization has shown me you are quite a progressive company in the __(type of area)___; hence, I believe that your organization could benefit from my unique experience. I’m sure you will agree that my skills are good match for the kind of projects you take on and, therefore, I ask you to consider me for your next project. With excess of __(#)__ years __(type)__ experience in the __(type field)__, I understand what it takes to successfully __(i.e. construct multi-million dollar projects in foreign countries)__. I have gained the type of experience required to __(briefly describe your specialty that these types of organizations want)__.

Some of my accomplishments include:

  1. __(Briefly describe one of your top accomplishments)__
  2. __(Briefly describe one of your top accomplishments)__
  3. __(Briefly describe one of your top accomplishments)__
  4. __(Briefly describe one of your top accomplishments)__

The project I’m currently managing is scheduled for completion by __(date)__, after which my services will again become available. I strongly believe that what I have to offer would prove to be of great value to your organization, __(Name)__, and I am very anxious to explore this further. Enclosed you will find my résumé which furnishes specific details relative to my experience, education, and achievements.

I thank you for this initial consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,