Child Model

Career Letter

Dear …

I am pleased to introduce you to my daughter, __(Name)__, whom I believe has the potential to become an outstanding child model. As a __(#)__-year old, she already possesses a sparkling personality that shines through in all the photos __(I’ve/we’ve)__ taken of her. Some of her greatest attributes include:

  1. An adorably cute face with a smile that simply melts all those around her.
  2. Social ability – this little girl is not shy at all and loves to be around people.
  3. Photogenic - she likes posing for a camera and her photos seem to capture her very essence.

All around, __(Name)__ is a delightful child, with a very outgoing and loveable personality. She is amazingly photogenic and I believe photographers would quite enjoy working with her. Though she hasn’t had previously modeling experience, I believe that she definitely has what it takes. Therefore, I am asking you for an interview with us to consider taking her on as a child model in your Agency.

Enclosed, please find current photos of __(Name)__, along with her pertinent information. I thank you for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon to arrange an interview.