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Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Editor position

I am sending you the enclosed CV in hopes that there may be an employment opportunity within your publication`s editorial team. I have had several conversations with acquaintances in the news and entertainment industries and continue to hear positive things about your publication.

I developed an interest in writing during my teen years at which time I became involved in the school yearbook. This interest followed me throughout my university education where I became involved with the school newspaper while perusing my English degree. During these years I had the honor of becoming the Editor of our school newspaper, which allowed me to gain considerable writing experience.

Throughout my career in journalism I worked in several different areas. I started by performing small research tasks for a local publication and then moved on to becoming a key player on editorial teams in larger settings. Staying with the smaller publications for several years gave me opportunity to experience the full spectrum of duties involved with putting together a quality publication.

Through my varied experiences, I have managed to hone in on the kind of organizational and time management skills required to meet deadlines. I work well under pressure and have proven to be a valuable team player, willing to assist with research and other projects to help out my fellow colleagues, whenever necessary. My past experiences have also afforded me the opportunity to develop skills in the design of unique and effective layouts for both newspapers and magazines.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my credentials. I would be grateful for the opportunity to set up a meeting with you to present my portfolio and to discuss the possibility of joining your editorial team. Please feel free to call me at __(phone #)__ anytime. I am available for a meeting at your convenience.


__(your name )__

Enclosure: Résumé