Mystery Shopper position

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Mystery Shopper position

I am currently exploring new opportunities as a “Mystery Shopper” in the retail industry and would be pleased to be able to talk to you about potential employment with __(name of organization)__.

I believe that I would be an excellent candidate for this type of position. My experience, as indicated on the enclosed résumé, highlights professionalism, dependability and one who gives extra effort. Being the quality and price conscious shopper that I am by nature, I enjoy taking the time to compare the features, benefits and prices that various products have to offer. And the flexibility I am able to offer, has served to be an attribute that my former employers have all found quite appealing.

I am a self motivated individual with an excellent work ethic, which assures you that any job I take on is performed at the highest level possible. Realizing that it is not always easy to evaluate a person from a summary statement, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to personally discuss this possibility of employment with __(name of organization)__. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__ anytime.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.