Fundraising position

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Fundraising position

I am sending the attached Resume for your consideration of the fundraising position available within your organization. I believe that my extensive involvement in the non-profit sector has prepared me well for the position you outlined.

I have well developed research skills. This is often the first step in building a fundraising campaign. My educational background in the social sciences has honed my research skills to a highly professional level. I believe this, plus my extensive background in financial management would prove to be valuable in a position of this nature.

As I have lived in the area for many years now and completed my post-secondary education in the city, I have developed a large network of associates, which will be valuable in the fundraising process. I also believe that my affiliation with several local organizations such as __(name of organization1)__ and __(name of organization2)__ will assist me in my fundraising efforts.

I feel that my educational background combined with my working knowledge of the non-profit sector and my strong community ties, make me the perfect candidate for this position. I will be in contact with you by phone this week to set up an appointment so that we might discuss the opportunity further.


__(your name )__

Enclosure: Résumé