Lab Technician position

Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Lab Technician position

I am applying for the Lab Technician position that is currently available with your organization. If you are seeking a motivated, experienced individual for this position, then please consider my qualifications as outlined in my enclosed résumé. I believe I can make a positive contribution to your organization with my experience, education and my enthusiasm.

While my background is primarily in the __(type of )__ environment, I believe I offer qualities that are adaptable to your needs. As my enclosed résumé indicates, my experience is highlighted by a solid work history with responsibilities in the areas __(list two or three areas)__. I believe that the __(Name of Course)__ course I recently took at __(Name of School)__, will also be most beneficial in this role.

Please consider what I can offer to your organization, which includes:

  1. Experience with __(type of equipment you’ve worked with)__
  2. Initiative to follow through consistently for optimum accuracy in __(briefly describe where you are accurate)__
  3. Pays strict attention to detail with maintaining inventory requirements and compliance to policies and procedures
  4. __(Briefly describe other pertinent experience that position calls for)__
  5. Good communication and interpersonal skills with colleagues
  6. An excellent employee record for dependability, punctuality and extra effort.

I am hard working individual who is always eager to learn new skills. Realizing that it is not always easy to evaluate a person from a summary statement, I would appreciate an opportunity to personally discuss this employment opportunity with you. I thank you in advance for considering me as a candidate for the position and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__ during the day or __(phone #)__ evenings.


__(Your Name)__

Enclosure: Résumé